Episode 216: Shadow Work - Interview with Mistress Tori Lux

Join us for a thought provoking episode, in which we sit down with the brilliant Mistress Tori Lux. Tori was passionate about having a conversation on the subject of shadow work, and we plunge into the depths together. Tune in to hear her perspective on healing from trauma through this practice, EMDR, and the empowering and healing elements of being a dominatrix.

Episode 215: Psychology, Magic, and the Wisdom of Self Awareness - Interview with Morgan Claire

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! We had the joy of speaking with the brilliant Morgan Claire, full-time witch, kink and sexuality specialist, writer, visual artist and creatrix of the Slutist Tarot Deck. We discuss the magic of celibacy, challenging the internal narratives, and the psychological elements of sexuality. Tune in & enjoy!

Exciting news! The Slutist Tarot Deck is available again for presale. We LOVE this deck & highly recommend!

You can purchase here:

*The audio quality in this episode is less than stellar, this was our first long distance interview using a new technology. We apologize about that!*

Episode 204: Sex & the Mind - Interview with Nicoletta Heidegger

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! We sat down with Nicoletta Heidegger, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-host of Sluts & Scholars podcast. We have a stimulating conversation about sexuality from the lens of psychology. Enjoy this episode as we chat sex, magic, and the mind!