Episode 205: The Magic of Jacq the Stripper

Join us for an empowering and hilarious interview with the dynamic Jacq the Stripper! Jacq is a Canadian writer, comedian, stripper and illustrator. We sat down to have a conversation about embracing our sexuality, the magic (and struggles) of sex work, and the fabulousness of stripping. If you’d like to follow Jacq and support her work, we highly suggest you do — jacqthestripper.com

Episode 109: Brujeria, Hoodoo, and Tainted Love Potions - Interview with Tmesha

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! In this episode we sat down with Tmesha Young, an LA based witch, medicine woman, bruja, and all around goddess! She shared with us some of her unique perspectives on magic, how to make tainted love potions, ancestral magic and healing, along with what it means to be a Bruja. Tune in!