Episode 215: Psychology, Magic, and the Wisdom of Self Awareness - Interview with Morgan Claire

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! We had the joy of speaking with the brilliant Morgan Claire, full-time witch, kink and sexuality specialist, writer, visual artist and creatrix of the Slutist Tarot Deck. We discuss the magic of celibacy, challenging the internal narratives, and the psychological elements of sexuality. Tune in & enjoy!

Exciting news! The Slutist Tarot Deck is available again for presale. We LOVE this deck & highly recommend!

You can purchase here:

*The audio quality in this episode is less than stellar, this was our first long distance interview using a new technology. We apologize about that!*

Episode 211: What's On Your Mind? with Toni & Toska

Hey you…what’s on your mind? On this week's episode, Toni and Toska sat down to hang out and chat, and we wanted you to join! Tune in for a chill conversational episode about love, healing the inner child, finding your deity, and lots more love.

Episode 203: Why Are We So Resistant to Pleasure?

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! In this episode, the podcast coven sat down for a casual, provocative conversation to answer this simple yet complex question, “Why are we so resistant to pleasure?” We discuss our innate resistance to vulnerability, the power of pleasure, and how fear can hold us back. Tune in to explore this concept with us!

Episode 110: Being a Dominatrix - Interview with Mistress Lila Sage.

In our tenth episode, the Sex Magic Podcast coven sat down with Mistress Lila Sage, a professional Dominatrix. We had a wonderful conversation learning about the life of a pro-Domme, how to be a sensual sadist, and the psychological and spiritual elements of BDSM.

Episode 109: Brujeria, Hoodoo, and Tainted Love Potions - Interview with Tmesha

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! In this episode we sat down with Tmesha Young, an LA based witch, medicine woman, bruja, and all around goddess! She shared with us some of her unique perspectives on magic, how to make tainted love potions, ancestral magic and healing, along with what it means to be a Bruja. Tune in!

Episode 106: Crystals

Join us on a journey into the mineral and gem realm as we discuss everything Crystals! Tune in as we journey together through understanding the various approaches and dimensions of crystal healing.