Episode 217: Sexual Liberation - Interview with Ev’Yan Whitney

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! In the last episode of season two, we had the pleasure of interviewing the dynamic Ev’Yan Whitney. Ev’Yan is a sexuality doula™, a sex educator and facilitator, and witch. She launched a movement on Instagram a while back called the sensual selfie challenge, which radicalized the perspective on the selfie. Join us for this eye opening episode as we discuss claiming the title of “witch”, the process of sexual liberation, and internet censorship (boo!). You don’t wanna miss this one. Tune in and enjoy, lovers!

Episode 216: Shadow Work - Interview with Mistress Tori Lux

Join us for a thought provoking episode, in which we sit down with the brilliant Mistress Tori Lux. Tori was passionate about having a conversation on the subject of shadow work, and we plunge into the depths together. Tune in to hear her perspective on healing from trauma through this practice, EMDR, and the empowering and healing elements of being a dominatrix.

Episode 215: Psychology, Magic, and the Wisdom of Self Awareness - Interview with Morgan Claire

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! We had the joy of speaking with the brilliant Morgan Claire, full-time witch, kink and sexuality specialist, writer, visual artist and creatrix of the Slutist Tarot Deck. We discuss the magic of celibacy, challenging the internal narratives, and the psychological elements of sexuality. Tune in & enjoy!

Exciting news! The Slutist Tarot Deck is available again for presale. We LOVE this deck & highly recommend!

You can purchase here:


*The audio quality in this episode is less than stellar, this was our first long distance interview using a new technology. We apologize about that!*

Episode 214: What's On Your Mind? n.02

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! We are delighted to share with you our second episode in the “what’s on your mind?” series! Join Bella, Phoenix, and Toska for a casual chat about sex magic, BDSM, vampires… and lots of things in between. Cozy up and tune in!

Episode 213: PUSSYWITCH - Interview with Luna Dietrich

Welcome back, lovers! On this episode of the Sex Magic Podcast, we sat down with the magnetic, magical Luna Dietrich AKA Pusssy Witch. Luna is a pleasure centered Sex Educator, Writer, and Coach. We were delighted to chat with her about a range of inspiring topics, from Open-Relating to being Ecosexual and everything in between. Tune in for a provocative conversation on magic, hour long orgasms, sensuality, and the divine.

To learn more about Luna and her offerings:


Episode 212: Color Magic with Sarah Potter

Welcome back! On this episode of the Sex Magic Podcast, hosts Toni and Toska sat down with the brilliant witch and art curator Sarah Potter to chat about Color Magic. Join the conversation as we explore the connection between creativity and spirituality and sexuality, the magic of colors, tarot, and how sex magic can impact various areas of your life. Enjoy!

To learn more and connect with Sarah, follow her on instagram! @IAmSarahPotter

Episode 211: What's On Your Mind? with Toni & Toska

Hey you…what’s on your mind? On this week's episode, Toni and Toska sat down to hang out and chat, and we wanted you to join! Tune in for a chill conversational episode about love, healing the inner child, finding your deity, and lots more love.

Episode 210: Cannabis Sensuality with Carli Jo

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast. On today’s episode, we had the honor of chatting with the radiant Carli Jo, a cannabis sensuality coach. Carli Jo works with people to help them increase connection and intimacy by guiding them through a unique process that uses tantra and cannabis in a safe and sacred way. We had a juicy conversation about the sensuality of cannabis, erotic blueprints, and all things sex magic. Enjoy!

Carli Jo graciously has shared a guided meditation, “Sex Magic for Manifestation”, for all of our listeners. Follow the link below to download for free! Thank you Carli Jo :)


Episode 209: Intimacy with Your Health - Interview with Caitlin Mizzi, CNP.

On this Sunday’s episode, Bella and Toska sat down to chat with the brilliant holistic nutritionist, Caitlin Mizzi, CNP. We discuss how what we eat plays into our sexual health and wellness, the spiritual relationship with food, and how to get intimate with your health. Tune in and enjoy!

To work with Caitlin:


Urban Food Website *mentioned on this episode*:


Episode 208: Conscious Kink with Lenore Black

Welcome back! On this episode of the Sex Magic Podcast, we sat down to chat with the radiant and magical Lenore Black — Sex Witch, erotic coach, and writer. We talked about the magic of conscious kink, somatic healing, and the delights of being a sex witch! Tune in and join the conversation.

Episode 207: Spanking & Spirituality

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! This week, join Toska on an exploration of the world of spanking. In this intimate episode, Toska opens up about her cathartic experience and relationship with spanking, the spanko community, and how spanking is a healing practice for the root chakra. Toska interviews a few friends at a national spanking party in Las Vegas, where we discuss spanking and spirituality from three different spanko perspectives. We hope you enjoy this episode!

If you are interested in learning more about spanking, feel free to reach out to Toska via instagram @toskagemini // on fetlife “Toska-”

Here’s a great article on some spanking basics:

Episode 205: The Magic of Jacq the Stripper

Join us for an empowering and hilarious interview with the dynamic Jacq the Stripper! Jacq is a Canadian writer, comedian, stripper and illustrator. We sat down to have a conversation about embracing our sexuality, the magic (and struggles) of sex work, and the fabulousness of stripping. If you’d like to follow Jacq and support her work, we highly suggest you do — jacqthestripper.com

Episode 204: Sex & the Mind - Interview with Nicoletta Heidegger

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! We sat down with Nicoletta Heidegger, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-host of Sluts & Scholars podcast. We have a stimulating conversation about sexuality from the lens of psychology. Enjoy this episode as we chat sex, magic, and the mind!

Episode 203: Why Are We So Resistant to Pleasure?

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! In this episode, the podcast coven sat down for a casual, provocative conversation to answer this simple yet complex question, “Why are we so resistant to pleasure?” We discuss our innate resistance to vulnerability, the power of pleasure, and how fear can hold us back. Tune in to explore this concept with us!

Episode 202: God is Grey - Interview with Brenda Marie Davies

Welcome back! In this eye-opening episode, we sat down with Brenda Marie Davies, host of the popular podcast & Youtube Channel “God is Grey”, to chat with her about being a sex positive Christian woman in the modern world. Brenda shares with us her beliefs on faith, Christianity, “magic”, and sexuality within the Christian religion.

Episode 201: How to Be Your Own Lover

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Sex Magic Podcast! We are so ecstatic to bring you a special Valentine’s Day episode. In this podcast, the whole coven sat down to discuss the concept of “being your own lover”. We had a great time chatting about ways to deepen intimacy with yourself, show up for yourself, and romance yourself! Another special announcement : We have officially launched our Patreon! To support us, visit www.patreon.com/sexmagicpodcast

Episode 114: 2019 LoveScopes with Kyle Thomas

Happy New Year! In our first episode of 2019, the Sex Magic Podcast coven sat down with Kyle Thomas, the resident astrologer for lifestyle brand, Love by Luna. We asked him to share astrological insights for each sign of the zodiac about what’s to come in the realm of love and romance in 2019! If you’re curious about what the year holds — you’ll want to listen to this! If you are interested in a more detailed astrology forecast, you can purchase Kyle’s 2019 LoveScopes at www.lovebyluna.co

Episode 113: Let's Get Intimate

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast! In this episode, we shift our energy back to the core of the podcast - our coven of podcast co-hosts! We get intimate. Real intimate. Get to know your podcast hosts as we discuss our own experiences with sex, spirituality, and sex magic. Enjoy!

Episode 111: Inner Witch - Interview with Gaby Herstik

Welcome back to the Sex Magic Podcast. In this episode, the SMP coven sat down with Gabriela Herstik, author of "Inner Witch". We immersed ourselves in conversation about witchcraft, chatting about glamour & fashion magic, honoring the goddess Venus, and how to find your own spiritual path of witchcraft. Tune in & enjoy!

Episode 110: Being a Dominatrix - Interview with Mistress Lila Sage.

In our tenth episode, the Sex Magic Podcast coven sat down with Mistress Lila Sage, a professional Dominatrix. We had a wonderful conversation learning about the life of a pro-Domme, how to be a sensual sadist, and the psychological and spiritual elements of BDSM.