Toska is a witch, artist, writer, performer and herbalist living in Los Angeles. She is a weaver of ritual and crafter of experience, harmonizing with the energies of spirituality, sexuality, and sensuality. Toska has been involved in both the BDSM and Spiritual community for over five years now. In 2015 she launched a BDSM art collective, sharing the experience of kink in a safe and artistic environment. Since then she has focused her energy on cultivating her witchcraft, crafting mystical goods and leading ceremonies and workshops in the Los Angeles area. She is a recent graduate of the Gaia School of Healing’s Plant Magic Apprenticeship. Her offerings include custom ritual kits, ritual events and ceremonies, sex magic & plant magic healing sessions, and downloadable spellbooks. @toskagemini


Phoenix Askani

Phoenix Askani is a witch, intuitive Reiki healer, writer, and former adult performer living in Los Angeles.

Phoenix starred in a variety of adult films from 2009 to 2014, gaining knowledge about her preferences and boundaries along the way including fetish and BDSM. In 2014, she spoke about sexuality and self-care alongside sex therapist Dr. Helu-Brown at private workshops in Los Angeles. She hopes to encourage others to explore their passions, pleasures, and sexuality safely and consensually for a healthier and happier life.  

Phoenix has been drawing down the moon since her teenage years and is here to share rituals and everyday advice for the modern witch. Phoenix is currently writing a book and has published essays and poems online, some of which can be found on Thought Catalog. She is also a contributor to “Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy” edited by Jiz Lee.


Isabella Frappier

I’m a holistic women’s wellness guide from Australia, and I specialize in body literacy and sexual sovereignty. My mission in life is to help women eschew the societal conditioning we were raised to believe about ourselves, and embrace their feminine and witchy power. I teach clients 1:1 and group workshops on feminine and feminist BDSM. I also work as a writer as a means to further champion my sex positive agenda.  I’m a second generation psychic medium, and I work as a tarot reader to help clients receive inspiration and guidance from everything to job opportunities to sex parties from the beyond. 



Shady is an entrepreneur and conscious creative interested in exploring the practical application of mystical mediums.  With experience across a variety of fields, she launched Shady’s Closet, an e-commerce fashion boutique in 2013, established Love By Luna, a leading astrological lifestyle brand in 2016, and co-founded MoonBox, a self-care subscription box for mindful living in 2018.  Shady’s products have successfully sold in over 30 countries worldwide with features in Allure, Elite Daily, Teen Vogue, & more along with distribution by Urban Outfitters. Shady is focused on continuing to develop innovative products that promote personal growth and healing and is passionate about discussing the growing intersection between beauty, wellness, and tech under the lens of spirituality.


Eve Marlow

Hi, my name is Eve.
I’ve worked in the sex industry for many years. I’ve always had a fascination for all things mystical and magical, which has now become a passion of mine. 

I love sex and I love magic!!!