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The most common request for custom spells that I get is, of course, the Love Spell. I’m 102% sure that witches have been brewing love potions and calling upon the love deities to conjure romance for thousands and thousands of years. Love is the most powerful force. Our collective hunger for it connects us, and I believe that now more than ever we must radiate from our hearts, and find the bravery to share it. To express love freely is a radical action. Traditionally, you might read about a spell to help win the heart of the one you yearn for, but today I want to share a different kind of love spell. A spell to strengthen our hearts for our community, compassion for humanity, and loving ourselves fiercely. 


This spell uses all of the elements, Earth/Air/Water/Fire, to bring the heart into profound balance. If our choices and our actions come from a place of compassion, our world shifts. What we do, and how we do it has immense power, and we shouldn’t take that for granted. We are ecstatic creatures, living on this beautiful, painful, nonsensical planet. It’s our responsibility to live fully and leave this world with a well-worked heart. Love as much as you can, as many people as you can, as powerfully as you can. This spell guides you into this state.




Radical Love Spell

° Candle

° Salt

° Rose

° Hawthorne Berry Tea

° Sacred Smoke


To begin, burn sacred smoke of your choice — sage, copal, palo santo, dragons blood — and call in the elements, your angels & guides, the ancestors. Place the rose in the bowl of salt. Light the candle. Breathe in the moment, connect to your breath, and feel the illumination from the core of your heart. Drink your Hawthorne tea. Feel the flow of this drink throughout your body, moving any blocks within your heart and spirit. Focus on the flame of the candle and feel the flame of your heart flickering to the rhythm of the candle. When you feel ready, start to hum - it doesn’t matter the melody, just hum and with your hand on your heart, notice the vibrations. Hum loud. Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds and vibrations around you. Listen to the vibration you are creating with your hum. Embrace this synergy. Come into quiet when you feel called. Thank the elements, spirits, and guides. Close your circle, knowing you can always come back into the vibration of your unique and sacred heart.