Howl At The Moon : A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual & Recipe

Are you feeling the power, the magic, the transformation of this eclipse - retrograde season? Or, perhaps also the growing pains, tension, and unsettling emotions? We are currently in deep with Mars retrograde, Mercury about to retrograde, entering Leo season, and approaching the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is Aquarius. Phew. Deep breaths. There is a lot happening in the cosmos. 

The Lunar Eclipse feels like a climax, the final challenging steps towards the peak of a mountain. We’ve been doing a lot of self-discovery, shadow work, shedding of layers for this moment. Once we approach the summit of self, we see with a new perspective. From an aerial view, we can see the past lives and patterns that have not been serving us, and forward, we see with clarity where we want to go. And hey, where we want to go now may be a lot different than where we thought we would end up. That’s okay. Fate unfolds in deliciously unexpected ways. But, us humans have a hard time letting go. We tend to hold on too tight to what we “thought would be”. This begs the question, can you accept this reconciliation? I find it important to honor the death of who I once was, to mourn and tend to her. Then bury her into the earth to decompose, so that a new self can grow.

Aquarius teaches us to look at the big picture. Not just for ourselves, but for our fellow humans, our environment, our ecosystem. What systems must be undone? Revolution begins within. If you visualize a future for yourself that is not aligned with your current path, what are you willing to shift and change to navigate towards your desired destination? The answers will present themselves in time as long as you keep your intention focused and clear. 


This Full Moon Ritual is a powerful one, connecting us to our primal instincts. We use the magic of sound and vibration to release. Then, we work with sigils to help us gain clarity and manifest. A Sigil is a written or drawn symbol that contains magical power. The symbol is of your creation, perfect in its simplicity. I urge you to allow your pen to flow without judgement. 


I have also included a Potion Recipe for this Full Moon. It is heart opening and grounding, allowing you to connect to visions and dreams.  

Happy Full Moon.




What You Need:

  • Small Piece of Paper
  • Pen
  • Sacred Smoke

On the Full Moon, go outside and sit on the earth. Take nine deep breaths, feeling your body deepen into the earth. Visualize the death of your past self, the negative voices that limit you, the bad habits that you’re ready to let go of, and any old traumas you are ready to release. Send them deep into the earth with love, with respect, knowing that this “self” was a necessary transition to aid you in becoming who you are now. 

Burn sacred smoke, circling the smoke around you nine times. I suggest using Sage and Sweetgrass. 

Look at the Moon. Feel her pale luminosity embrace you, flaws and all. The Moon teaches us about transformation, as she wanes and waxes each month. Let her be a guide.

Connect to the “Shadow” feelings and energies you seek to release. When you are ready, take a deep breath. Then, scream. Scream at the top of your lungs, loud and without shame. Keep your eyes closed. When we release the sound, we are sending vibrations into the universe that will echo for the rest of time. Release anxiety, self doubt, and fear into the void. Howl at the moon! Honor the emotions that come up, both tears and laughter. This is part of the magic of transformation.

Once you feel complete, turn to your pen and paper. Take nine deep breaths. Write down one simple sentence of what you seek to manifest or what you want to focus on. For example, I might write down, “I seek to own my magic and power”. Then, slowly start to decompose the writing and the letters. My sentence might become “I S T O M M A P”. Sigils are about symbols, not words. The words take us to the sigil. “ISTOMAP”. Then, allow yourself to flow into drawing the symbol, with your intention at the front of your mind. For example, here is how my sigil turned out — 


After you are done working on the sigil, place the paper against your heart. Burn sacred smoke again to close your circle. Thank the Moon for her guidance and protection during this act of magic. 

Carry the Sigil with you, place it on your altar, bury it in the ground — what you do with it is up to you! I like to tend to the sigil to remind myself of my intention throughout the month or season that I am working with it. 




  • Tulsi (holy basil) — heart opening
  • Nettles — grounding & nourishing
  • Peppermint — cooling
  • Lavender — magical and celestial **you only need a pinch of lavender!

In a teapot or large mason jar, blend the four herbs. Whisper your intentions and dreams to the plants. Pour hot water & let steep for 1-3 hours (or more if you’d like a strong infusion). Drink under the full moon and for the following few days. When you drink the potion, really savor the sensations, scent and taste and all. Close your eyes and visualize the plant spirits joining you and supporting you on your journey of transformation. Enjoy!