Bath Ritual & Recipe for Release


Whenever I go to the beach, I run into the ocean. With my arms outstretched and my heart open, I whisper to the ocean, “Mama!” I love the water. I love the sea. I know in my bones that the ocean is Mother. She is healing, loving, constant. 

Our bodies are some eighty percent water. No wonder the Ocean feels like home.

When you need to cry salty tears, the ocean is there for you with her own. If you’re anxious and frazzled and maybe a little lonely or heartbroken, go to the sea and she entrances you with the mesmerizing ebb and flow. The waves teach us that everything flows, everything goes. I’ve written countless poems and odes to the ocean, in deep gratitude and in love, and it never feels like enough. Unconditional love. 

Now, not everyone has the beach or ocean nearby. The ocean can be a state of mind. You can journey to that place by calling in the element of water. There are many rituals you may use that can incorporate the feminine, healing properties of this element. 

There are two main ingredients for any spell or ritual that calls upon Water.


Salt + Water.


Seems simple right? But the possibilities are quite endless when crafting rituals. You can brew a potion from plants that carry a lot of water element within them (hello, Jasmine!). You can do a foot soak with epsom salt for grounding. You may do a salt scrub to shed layers for healing. You have the ingredients. I encourage you to start playing around with crafting your own rituals!

Below I am sharing with you a potent, powerful bathing ritual recipe — perform this rite when you’re needing an emotional release, a gentle washing away of anything that does not serve you. Mama Ocean is always there for you.

bath ritual




What You Need:

  • Bath Salt // epsom, himalayan pink, or dead sea salt works!
  • Essential Oils // I suggest jasmine oil, ylang ylang, neroli
  • Crystals of your choice // Moonstone, Aquamarine, Amethyst are my picks
  • Jasmine Flower Buds


  1. Set up your bathroom and create sacred space. Adorn the bathroom with flowers, candles, and any other special mystical items you feel connected to. Burn sacred smoke. Set up your crystals around the bath.
  2. Draw the bath. As the water fills up the bathtub, notice how the water flows and takes up space. Envision yourself as the ocean, vast and majestic. State your intention out loud. This may be something like, “I seek guidance and healing, I release negative self talk and limiting beliefs.”
  3. Pour the bath salts and essential oils in slowly. Notice how the salts change the waters. Inhale the scent of the oils, and feel how your body reacts to these sensations. 
  4. Take a handful of jasmine buds. Whisper your intention to them and ask for guidance. Sprinkle them into the water. 
  5. Enter the bathtub. Close your eyes to heighten the other senses. How does the water make your skin feel? Move your hand through the bath and envision the cleansing of what needs to be released. There is divine power in practicing creative visualization. 
  6. Place your hands on your heart. Take nine deep breaths, and with each inhale - breathe in white light. With each exhale, breathe out smoke. Envision your heart radiating, shining light throughout your body and outwards, create a sphere of love and healing around you. 
  7. When you are ready, drain the water out. Sit in the bathtub while the water drains. This is very important. Feel the sensations of an empty and clear space, your body naked and new. 
  8. Thank the elements, angels, plant spirits and your guides for their guidance and protection. After this ritual, stay hydrated and check in with your body & spirit every few hours. This is a very intense ritual and lots of energy was shifted. Take care of your self. :)